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Navigating the World Caring

In 2008, after a meditation retreat in Myanmar, our Founder Dr Ng realized his calling was to serve all of humanity, especially at their most vulnerable. 

In his earlier years as a junior doctor in the hospitals, he was somewhat disenchanted. 

Although Dr Ng enjoyed the clinical work, particularly in caring for frail seniors in his postings in Geriatric Medicine and the Emergency Department, he felt clinical medicine can be lacking in the holistic view of human suffering, and so cannot do enough to help. 

Over the last 20 years working in the community, initially as a home care physician, and subsequently as a community aged-care specialist in the depth and breadth of healthy ageing – from clinical work to policy advocacy and care system design – he developed the following aspiration as far as life-work goes: 

What we want to see

A world where people of all ages thrive until the very last days of their lives

What we intend to do 

  • Relieve gross suffering of the body and mind through tangible evidence-based interventions
  • Influence the evolvement of the aged-care ecosystem to promote growth and development in older persons
  • Empower one and all to fully embrace and appreciate aging, sickness, disability and death

Our values

  • Integrity
  • True and honest to ourselves and others
  • Balanced 
  • Strike a balance in everything we do – dream big yet think details; idealistic yet pragmatic; socially good yet financially sustainable
  • Empowering 
  • Give knowledge, skills and confidence for people we serve to take decisions

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